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Vibo Valentia

The ancient Hipponion has a fine old town with mansions in yellow tuff, and the castle that overlooks the center and was built by the Normans. It 'can be visited and houses inside the State Archaeological Museum.



Characteristic coastal town famous for ice cream, of all the famous "truffle" and the beautiful old town with the castle where Murat was shot by the Bourbons. Very particular church "Piedigrotta" with its statues carved into the tufa 




Old town perched on a sandstone cliff. The beautiful old town with the remains of the walls of the Byzantine era, the palaces and the typical granite portals. On the beach promenade you can enjoy the white sandy beaches and the characteristic marina.

Tours of duty:

 Norman Cathedral

 Church of St. Maria Island


"Villa of the gun" (beautiful window overlooking the sea and the Aeolian Islands Stromboli volcano steaming)


Capo Vaticano

Well-known tourist beaches and extraordinary colors (you should not miss the beach "Grotticelle). At sunset it is recommended to visit the "Lighthouse" which offers breathtaking views of the sea "... when the world was new and mysterious, had given birth to the myth of Scylla and Charybdis and the Sirens, and the tale of Odysseus ...."( Giuseppe Berto, a writer).



Beautiful coastline with its crystal clear sea and white sandy beaches, interspersed with cliffs of granite rock.


Small agricultural town surrounded by vast rural areas. Various well-known local restaurant where guests can enjoy appetizers strictly homemade fileja and handmade noodles according to tradition, all accompanied by local wine, celebrated in the country with the festival in August.



Agricultural center known for producing the famous' nduja (creamy sausage and pepper hell!) Every year is celebrated with a big festival on August 8. To visit the beautiful church of Our Lady of the Fountain, with its temple set in a natural cave.


Serra San Bruno

Here stands the Certosa, in part to visitors, built by St. Bruno of Cologne. Up the center with Baroque churches and ancient woods which are a "fresh" alternative during the summer heat.


Aeolian Islands

The picturesque seven islands that make up the archipelago are not to be missed! Vulcano, Stromboli, Lipari, Panarea, Filicudi Alicudi and Salina each have a charm that makes it unforgettable! Can be easily reached by daily flights from the marina in Tropea.